Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to deal with patchy alopecia of the skin (patchy loss of hair)

In our daily life we see number of case with the sudden loss of hair in the irregular manner in the scalp. Some times this condition may gives you an ugly look. Therefore most of the people with patchy alopecia are reluctant to come forward and psychologically not fit to face the society. If you are a patient or even a relative of a patient this may be helpful for you to have a some guidance to solve your problem and face the society well. This  is more common in males.

Appearance of Alopecia
Alopecia or loss of hair may be in several form it may be only a single spot of hair loss in your scalp or total loss of hair in the part of the scalp. In patchy alopecia, the type of lesion is one or several patchy spots. Therefore it may hurts you a lot that the total loss of hair. The area may have appearance of reddish spots which may mimic a parasitic bite. But the condition is not such.

Why you have Alopecia
Alopecia is a condition of excess androgen most of the times. This may present as either an endocrine disorder of androgen and also may be appears as a result of androgen inducing drugs or any other medication. Another cause of this may be the parasitic infections like ring worm. However the most important and unclear one is the alopecia with autoimmune condition. Here, we may unable to explain any causative factor for your hair loss. Also with this kind of alopecia you may get recurrence on and off.

Treatments for Alopecia
You may think that the dietary control, other home remedies may settle the condition. But problem is that the case is not so but they may be important. First and foremost thing here is the identifying of the condition correctly. Even your family doctor can identify the condition correctly. If it is associate with any Endocrinol condition it is unnecessary to treat androgen excess.
What we are concern most here is the treatments for the Alopecia areata which is a common auto immune condition. First treatment of choice is that the small dose of steroid on your lesion. This may helps to resolve the condition in the most instances. But we may have to go for some treatment like PUVA may helpful f necessary.
psycological support is very important during the condition. Unless your patient may end up in conditions like social-phobia, depression.     

Alopecia is not a invective disease most of the time. This may resolve with treatments. Protect your mental health during disease is very important. 

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