Friday, January 11, 2013

How to protect the skin in Winter

I think most of people in the world have experienced the seasonal variation of the temperature, atmospherics pressure, rain pattern. Because if you are not in the tropical or sub tropical are (may seen in mild forms),  all you have to these seasonal variations of the environment. We can not escape fro that. But unless our skin may escape from that we would have end up with damaged skin. So, well maintenance of skin includes the seasonal care too.

Moisture the skin
In the Winter the environment become cold. But it is with lack of water in the air. So you experiencing cold but very dry environmental conditions. Therefore our skin susceptible to loss the moisture it contains. This can be overcome if we have a protective layer on our skin. A moisturizer is necessary in that situation. They will protect your skin from drying and further add additional water to the skin.
Now make sure you use a good moisturizer every morning and night. If you have a very dry skin it is better to use some moisturizer with  Aloe-Vera.

Cut down your cleanliness
Is it really mean you bad..? or do not get it in that way. Not like in the summer when we apply lot of water to our skin, in the winter we can not apply them in such way. We have a oil layer in our superficial layer of the skin and it will be washed out if you wash our face more and more. This will lose the protection against the dryness in your skin. Specially usage of soap may cause this a lot. Therefore do not wash you skin a lot but keep the body clean. :-)

Cut down skin creams with mineral oil
Mineral oil will make a protective layer on the skin when you apply it to the skin. Therefore some people may think that it i good to use mineral lotions or moisture. Because it will reduce the ability to waste out the cold air from the body. This may cause freeze burns at the end of the Winter

Skin is the reflection you, protect it whenever and whatever happened.

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