Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lifestyle problems that makes you older

No one likes to have a elderly looking body when they are younger. Even when they are elder they do not like to show they are elder. But if you are elderly looking in the younger age, it is a big problem. So what may be the cause for rapid deterioration of your younger looking skin..? The cause is most of the time the wrong life style.It may be simple action to a daily work that you are using to practice. But the effect on the body may be very serious on long term.

Eat too much
This dessert is absolutely delicious, but the fact that the excessive sugar causes premature wrinkles also true. Once in the body, a natural sugar glycation triggers the process. This occurs when you change the color and cooking meat that is similar to one chemical reaction. Sugar also affect the organization of the collagen of the skin, causing loose elastic.

Lives with more stress
Most of the expert nutritionists agree an early age you stress mainly the telomere (the DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes) because it has a direct role. Telomeres change by reducing stress, permanently affects the structure of chromosomes. As a result of this process, your skin will age faster. Yoga and meditation exercises in order to avoid this, experts recommend that you Doing so will help to relieve stress and have a long service life more balanced japhinwa.

Using of coffee
Liquid coffee and tea all provide energy to perform day-to-day activities, but if you had to choose one of them to recommend most definitely try to avoid coffee is. Free-radical fighting antioxidants including Green Tea, and eventually, you grow old the skin from external factors can protect.

Eat more meats and dairy products
The highly processed foods such as meat, dairy products, it does not help you find your young. Instead, they will add years to your actual age. Not occur overnight, but more to the consumption of those products over time, you unpleasant changes you can see. Experts recommended as eating organic foods as much as possible to try and

Not having enough rest
Maintain the sleeping youth, and postpone the moment when the first wrinkles appear on the very important. After some research, the researchers concluded the ideal range for sleep. Try to sleep at least seven hours every night, otherwise your brain will start aging faster.

Do not maintain lower calory level
You if you do not adhere to a balanced diet, your body, your skin, hair and nails, as well as organs, including your liver, stomach and pain. Deprives the body of certain nutrients to help their own skin and body needs essential fatty acids can not be created, such as cell regeneration, improve skin texture, greatly reducing calories. Tour skin dry and, on the other hand, almost all the fat elimination diet, will lead to the loss of hair.
Lack of alkaline foods
Finally, the lack of alkaline foods in the diet can lead to aging. Some of you need to consume alkaline foods, almonds, pears, lemons, apples, eggplant, peaches, onion, spinach, tomato, celery, cucumber flower cabbage, parsley.

It is better to keep the skin in a younger look than the treating after your skin becomes elder looking.

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