Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is he best of natural or chemical products for the skin

Most people uses both the natural and the chemical products for their skin therapies. But still most of they are not in a position to get what they need correctly from these. Because they are well experimented about the uses of both natural and chemical products for the skin. So it is important to get some knowledge on this topic today.

If I ask you what is a natural product...? Most of you may say that something taken from the environment. But is it such easy to differentiate a natural product. In pharmaceutical sector they use to add different other component for better effect. So they are not always natural thereafter. So it is difficult to find a very effective natural products for your skin unless you use the the herbals directly. But I think it is hard and ineffective for a lay person with poor knowledge in herbs to use them effectively.

Specially due to bad practice of natural herbs on the people with bad knowledge on their chemical composition a reactions, most people do not have good intention when they asked to try for the herbal ones. This is mostly due to the bad practice with among the patients.

However, as I have seen they are very effective on your skin, hair, nails and other skin structures. But you have to use them regularly and in combination with some other herbs. Also they may be very expensive and have wait for sometimes to get effects.

In other hand chemical products not always synthesis ones. They may also be produced as a result of biological reactions. Due to the very effective synthetic process they may be very chief related to the natural ones. They are fast active. Due to the large number of ingredients they may become allergic to the skin very often.

Natural products are very good for your skin if you use them in a proper way

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