Monday, January 14, 2013

How to protect the skin from sun damage during Summer

As same as the coldness of the Winter, we have to protect our skin from the warmth of the sunlight during the Summer. But you may like to have a long holidays with your family. Specially with your kids. But what about the protection of your skin...? It affect a lot by the sun rays. So it is necessary to protect the skin from various noxious agents in the sun light. Most of the people think that your normal sun cream can protect you from all of them. But it is not.

Noxious agents from sunlight
The rays of the sun includes lot of radiation including normal light. But as a result of the O3 layer we will get only few rays like normal light. But unfortunately by this time it has broken much. Therefore we have to experience various toxic radiation to our body. Some of they cause skin cancers by long term exposure. specially this include UV rays (ultra violate).  UV rays are carcinogenic in long term exposure and you may be end up with even a death. SO it is important to protect the skin from UV rays.

Can the normal sun-cream protect you...?
Result studies have shown that some sun burn marks are prevalence in the people with tropical sun cream. But this is paradoxical event. Because people using the sun cream to protect them from sun burn. But they have got them. The explanation here is that the inadequate usage of the sun cream. Usually there are recommended amount of usage. But most of the people do not use the cream adequately.
Other very important thing is that the item should be in the standard quality. Unless you would not get the real benefit of a sun protector.

What is the best sun cream...?
Although sun has any bad rays we can not change our happy event so we have to find a solution for this.  After reviewing lot of items we have realized that the sun cream that you use should be both chemically and physically well fit to the function. Unless you would not get the expected amount of benefits. Here, the most effective ingredient is the Zinc Oxide (ZnO2). this will act both types of UV rays called UVA and UVB. Although their may be some white spots in the skin rarely, This would not give you any adverse effect.

Long term exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancers in the skin. So be protective when exposing your skin to sun light. 

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