Thursday, January 31, 2013

Importance of Vitamin E in skin care

Most of the people in the world have addicted to some vitamin even though they do not know the benefits of them. Some of them are Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E. In the skin care sector role of the Vitamin E is larger. May be that's why most of the people use the Vitamin E even without prior knowledge on the action of that.Also it is available in the market as tablets, creams and some more as supplements. As mentioned earlier there are number of benefits on Vitamin E to our body. They have some action like anti-oxidant effect, anti-aging effect, Enzyme induction action and etc. Vitamin E is also known as to Trocopherol.

Dietary Vitamin E
Even though it is available as supplements in many form it is necessary to mentioned that we can take adequate amount of Vitamin E from our diet. Then you do not need to have costly vitamin E supplements. But how can you add enough vitamin E to the diet...? answer is very simple. As it is a fat soluble vitamin as same as Vitamin A,D,K ,this also contains in the fatty food. Unless you can found them in fruits adequately. However if you want to add enough Vitamin E, you will have to add diet like "Pea nuts" which contains adequate Vitamin E. So then you do not need to practice supplementary Vitamin E everyday.

Anti oxidant effect of Vitamin E
In our body always there are chemical reactions are continuing. From them some reactive particles like oxygen free radicals are formed. These may damage the cell wall of the different tissue according to the origin of the molecules. Not only the skin, but also many other system can be damaged due to this. But if you have enough vitamin E like anti oxidant, your cells are prevented from being damaged by them. Mostly the important vitamin are Vitamin A, C and E. Therefore Vitamin E can act to protect your skin from the free radical damage and keep it in the properly functioning level.

Anti aging effect of Vitamin E
You aging is the dysfunction of the systems. So, if a someone remains keeping the functions properly he will a younger for ever. Here also if we can keep the skin working well, it will help to reduce aging. The action of Trocopherol (vitamin E) is very important to maintain the cell cycle properly. Then if someone keep it going the skin will healthy and younger looking for longer.

Moisturizer effect of Vitamin E
As mentioned earlier Vitamin  is a lipid soluble one. Therefore it contains water proof action and it can preserve the still containing water from the skin too. It will keep the skin wet for longer. So it will protect your skin from being drying.

Protect from Sun Rays
Sun have various kinds of rays but we can only visible only few of them in our naked eye. There are some rays which can damage the skin which may cause even the skin cancers. Those are containing specially the UV rays. They can damage the skin directly or by the free radical formation. What ever be the action Vitamin E  will be there to keep you protected.

Increase the enzyme actions
Vitamin E also has a function of co enzyme it can increase the speed of the reactions of the body which will form the adequate molecules to the usage of the body. These induce the formation of skin structure and maintaining of it.

Vitamin E is a drug for many diseases
What else you know about Vitamin E....? It can is in many situations with other drugs as combined therapy to mimic the efficacy of the drug.

Nail and hair growing effect of Vitamin E
Other very important thing about this is that it can be used as a agent which stimulate the nail and hair growth.

Vitamin E is a Vital vitamin in skin function. It can be maintain either by diet or supplements.

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