Monday, January 21, 2013

How to loose the weight with out affecting the skin

It is evident from the developed countries, the majority of people called obesity statistics. Some less commonly known as a lot of people appropriate them to a variety of skin problems in addition to many other health problems. Attempt to lose weight using a particular method in the beauty of the skin can have a dramatic impact. The many popular diets, however, has the opposite effect actually causes the skin condition flare.

Food with fat
Intellectual conditions lead to obesity, and a popular way to diet and lose weight is to avoid oil, fat-laden food is very popular misconception that it is important to avoid it rich fat foots. But this is really wrong. Low-fat diet promotes weight loss, and also a lack of essential fatty acids to provide the best nutrition for your skin. Whose typically immediately if the energy is not burned calories as fat, and carbohydrate low-fat diet is too high. In addition, food in much more fat contribute to weight gain than their high caloric content feeling full. When you quickly carbohydrate feel hungry, and looking to move to the same in order to alleviate hunger.

Necessity of omega-3-fatty acid
To get a much larger amount of omega-3 fats is the key to get clear and glowing skin. Food excessive amounts of omega-6 fats while loading the same average default these modern is not found in foods.

Is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil and have an incredible ability to come alive, dull, dry skin to look healthy. You that fish oil describes a way to help you lose weight, but few of these articles, your skin is very damaging trans fat, hydrogenated fish oil omega-6 fats than better nutrition supply thought to be explained, you can find numerous articles body. Because people easily these nasty free radicals attack body tissues, and vascular damage in rancid I dry the skin and cause wrinkles and omega-6 polyunsaturated fat in the skin is a mess.

Importance of fish oil
We've been brainwashed to be the fat cholesterol increased, however, is little scientific evidence for the fact that the point of the view, cause disease or high cholesterol heard, it does not. There are a lot of business sense for the propaganda that existed half a century. Saturated fats such as coconut oil, and the same quality. Olive oil and other tropical oils are very healthy. Avoid the consumption of food, such as oil and margarine and other hydrogenated oils when taking fish oil supplements will help you lose weight at the same time a large number of improvements.

Fat is essential part of skin function. But when we try to loose weight we loose your essential fatty acid supplements too.

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