Monday, January 28, 2013

Rarely use very effective dandroff treatments

If you have dandruff on your hair, you may always suffer with itchy  and always dusting scalp. This may always reduce your beauty and gives unhealthy appearance to your skin.Although there are many more treatments for dandruff most of the people fails when they try to eradicate the problem of dandruff they have. Usually it ultimately ends up with social phobia and hopelessness. So I think it is better to discuss on some anti dandruff agents which are not often used. But most of these are very potent agents and will helps to prevent your dandruff soon.
Dandruff is the excessive shedding of dead skin cells. Skin cells off, typically once or twice a month off dead skin cells - noticeably radiates, but you need to shed the occasional off day, and if you are faced with a situation, then you must know that there are probably suffering from dandruff. White flake particles often stay with it.

Cause of dandruff

In 2007, the dandruff has been found in Fiji, which is caused by the action of certain fungi known Malassezia globosa righteousness medical. Dandruff, hair gel, hair oil and shampoo chemicals for signs of an allergic reaction can be caused by Use caution whenever you want to buy a shampoo to treat dandruff.
Materials needed to effectively treat dandruff

Apply a paste of onion on your scalp. Washed thoroughly for approximately 1 hour after the infected areas of the scalp on the left. It will be helpful to this bideumreul remove. But, do not forget to apply the lemon juice to remove onion smell from your hair and scalp.

Regular henna (mehendi)
All therapeutic properties as well as air conditioning henna. Mixed henna, lemon juice, tea, flour, tofu amla. Then, add a few drops of hair oil. Can be a mix of 10 12hrs degree so let him be. Infected or irritated areas and to take your time and apply the mixture to rinse off. A general application, you can remove the dandruff.

 Juniper Berry Half 
(1/2) Juniper berries in a cup of boiled water, (2) can be cooled and broken. For donggyegwa reduce inflammation, infection, inflammation, are applied to the skin. Put it on your scalp, leave 10-15 minutes wash off. Very effective home remedy for dandruff treatment.

 Beyy Laurel leaves
You do it the first time, all to a boil 2 cups of water, then remove from heat. Add one later half of the pieces bay tablespoons (11/2) on departure. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes after the deformation. Rinse for 1 hour and then wash your hair after mixing apply on departure.

 Garlic and lemon Garlic
 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon mixed. You would like to apply the paste on the scalp. Will help you in the process of getting rid of pieces that perform some lemon juice. Garlic as a natural antibiotic that does not fit alryeojyeogwa can kill the bacteria in the scalp. User-defined shampoo rinse after 30-20 minutes, put the mixture on the scalp.

If you act correctly dandruff can be prevented. So work for it today onwards.

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