Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to get ticker eye lashes

Your eyelashes square measure sort of a framework for your two eyes. A good looking frame can very facilitate your eyes create an enduring impression. You do not got to use faux eyelashes and you mustn't. Unless you wish to seem such as you have faux eyelashes!

Natural Eye lashes
It is fantastic to have a natural and real eye lid, and these are some tricks which will assist you to urge them while not defrayal a fortune on treatments or attempting to create them grow longer with home remedies that do not work anyway. If you'd prefer to get thick eyelashes along with your own natural lashes. I think it is better to keep your natural eye lash safe and make it more attractive and shining.

Colouring the Eye lashes
First, apply a natural tint of colour on top of the basis of the lashes with make-up. You'll either use a your finger or flat brush. I prefer to use my own finger and apply it up to crease and mix it to make sure a look of natural. This can be very fast and it's nice. For a additional dramatic colour, use the comb and add the make-up into the crease, then epithelial duct so unfold it around to mix it till you have the colour saturation you wish. Remember, we tend to square measure finding for a natural look, thus do not do it excessively!

Hair curler on Eye lashes
Next, curl the eyelashes. begin at the bottom of lashes and once it's in the position, press it along. Also keep it for 5 seconds. This can be necessary since it'll last all the day in this manner. Do not use the curler with out make sure that your hair is dry and clean. I prefer a hair curler with a polymer line to stop breaking and pull your eye lashes.

Then, use  brush to add your eyelashes with clear powder. Swirl the comb into powder, so use the comb to use it to the lashes. Take care and faucet off the additional powder from the comb before you apply it to you eyes. Use light moving strokes. this can be the trick to obtaining that thick natural look on your natural eye lashes.

Make up
Apply your make up. Begin with the flat facet of the comb and work the lashes from the bottom of the lash line to urge a decent foundation. Currently take the sickle-shaped facet and begin at the bottom and use a angular shape angularity stroke from the bottom to the tip to urge volume and separation. That's it!

The secret to obtaining thick natural lashes is to feature the clear powder initial before putt on your make up.

At last the ultimate goal is to preserve the natural look of your eye lashes and something more.

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