Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to find the androgenic alopecia

We know that there may be large number of causes for hair loss (alopecia). those may be the genetic and congenital problems, inflections, metabolic and hormonal disorders, and some more like autoimmune conditions. From these you have to realized that hormonal disorders are one of the common and treatable condition. The main problem in the androgenic alopecia is the excessive production of androgenic hormones.  

I said
I heard from someone. "I am the shedding of hair about 5 months a long time to continue to lose your hair, you know that I sometimes think that my hair loss is spread investigate my head, but I. I the hardest hit areas in the section received my bangs.Just get off again, dragging my temples go find me telogen effluvium that I wonder if it is possible in this area noticeable loss It seems to be you because I androgens of androgenetic alopecia, when this area generally are aware that a severe blow. "

Just my opinion before, what I say I am not a doctor or an expert. Opinion of my own experience and research, because you have developed a ray. Thus, for a particular problem, consult your doctor. Almost running now, of course, from my own experience hair loss. But in my section was very thin. These days, I was worried that that means that you have female pattern baldness. So I have to start a different type of birth control pills, hair loss, hair loss is known situation started off sex., Trigger a type of hair loss I would have really representing it was not. And only one day, I would stop my hair loss is telogen effluvium uieul representing tell. Temporary shedding of this type can not attack the temple area and why I you say, my own theory.

My opinion
I say that as an indicator of androgen driven loss claims and receding temples that I can do, I understand. For a very long time, but some people have significant hair loss spread my theory. And frankly, even the entire temple in volume in the more rarefied than other areas of the scalp area. In other words, the region offers many benefits in the first place does not it's okay, baby is a lot of hair as well. To confirm (you can see all the pictures.)

So already) so you have fallen head full of baby hair and sparse region is a severe blow to the local means that the larger openings (such as telogen effluvium, there is I am also the fact that the situation of the crown! Worst when sonsilneun head thinning in my crown, was developed. Formed a small part of the L-shaped lines on the back of my head down a little to start my part was actually too bad.

Questions raised, so to say, in some cases, to notice significant hair loss of telogen effluvium in this temple, and proved that there was no loss of androgen-driven, that is my opinion. It has been my experience. Androgenetic alopecia, I suspect to defeat these types of people should not say so, does not. Why you understand. Representing to one or more types of sparse Temple area hair loss, I think.

Androgenic alopecia is a condition cause by your male hormones. You may be able to get them back with adequate treatments.

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