Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to prevent skin cancers

It is very serious and important fact that one of the nine in American population are susceptible to have a skin cancer by the age of 65. Just as the name said cancers, it can makes the people afraid. Mostly the melanoma, skin lymphoma are very common conditions among all the skin cancers. You may first notice it as a skin eruption, hyper/hypo pigmented area, scaring or etc. But the out come may be very dangerous and fetal. So it is important to understand and prevent being getting the caners.

Solar is the leading cause of skin cancers
All of us must work for the very sustenance. Sunlight, the lack of life is impossible. However, the population of the United States, the sun never seems to be causing skin cancer when. What is it in the sun on the skin of the United States vulnerable to these cancers are caused by exposure to too widely unknown. Around the sun, billions of people live in a hot climate, but tend to be much less cancer than the Americans, because the meaning of the mystery. When more than half of Americans are diagnosed with melanoma, and probably the reason why white.

Anyway, is the fact that the basic elements for the skin of the average American, it's more direct than the sun in the eyes, or is the reason. Impact of all U.S. skin cancer nine Eva occurs due to longer exposure to the sun. How do I have to?

Sun burning in the blood

Americans 'normal' time in direct sunlight to avoid, it is best to nine at the end of 16:00 AM.

No tanning

Another important reason of skin cancer, such as direct exposure to the sun tanning devices complement. If you are American, avoid these kind of activities for the better skin health

A small shield

We can take another step by the use of sunscreen lotions and creams to protect the skin from direct sun exposure is. Moisturizers to go out the certified values. Exposure to the sun apply to all parts of the body must be. Good reference of 15 or higher sunscreen protection factors (SPF) sunscreen lotion or cream or moisturizer.


Given the high percentage of the incidence of skin cancer, the American people could do well for small to perform a self-test. Skin to check for changes in the body that can be a good first step. Any more than is to be found, if you go for a medical checkup.

At least find some way:

continuoushurt, itching, wounds, erosion, or cause bleeding sores or place

Open more than two weeks of treatment, or the color change to take inflammation, whose thickness or increase the size of the texture of change is uneven display irregular boundaries, more than six mm in size, and have seen after a person reaches being 21 years of age.

Skin cancers are very dangerous in nature and rapidly spreading. Prevention is the best thing to protect from cancers

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