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Mechanism of getting pimples

Pimples are the most common skin condition in adolescent and younger boys an girls. Although we have already discussed about several topics about acne (pimples), I thought to discuss bit about the mechanism of acne. The most important structure involved in the acne is the sebaceous glans which secrets the sebum. This is situated in the bottom of the hair follicles and places where there are sebaceous glands are high may be involved like face, axila, groin, buttocks and etc. The most common type of pimples is Acne valgaris.

Why do we get acne?
We created several causes of acne, but the proper way to prevent acne in the growth and development of acne, we need to take the following for more information on how the growth must.Fiji generate the sebaceous glands (glands), exist in the internal pores of the skin. The outer layer of the skin shed constantly. Sebum and blocked pores when the growth of bacteria, and as a result will face area, for example, the potential for the growth of acne is more likely. The accumulation of bacteria in this area will be displayed, if you did not perform a proper treatment of acne. Will lead to an infection of the skin and place the development of acne.

Hormonal effect on acne
To acne growth likely a person's skin is mainly caused by the hormone. Excessive sebum sebaceous secretion increase the probability of clogging and pore-clogging dead skin cells to connect the elements by the body's own production of hormones generated.Raised stress hormone production, hormonal acne as a result, growth and development are connected.

Genetic effect on acne
If they when I was a kid my parents dressed acne, you are more likely to have acne. In order to prevent acne breakout, you better your face to prevent the spread of the preventive measures to be taken.You recognize that if such a hyper-secretion of the sebaceous glands, such as the biological condition of the body, to obtain appropriate preventive measures brought into account to prevent acne breakouts you GP or dietitian should consult.

Age and acne
When young people enter puberty, the hormone production is more intense. The sebaceous glands that are overactive, this changes the hormonal connection, and as a result, your body produce more of sebum and acne breakout.

You can get rid of acne
Up until now, you know, in order to stop the growth and development of acne, causes of acne breakouts you efforts to improve skin quality and appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Are many natural ways that you can employ to get rid of acne and that can be done at home.

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as slim, eat a protein-rich meat. Spicy sauce hormone production will be connected to acne breakouts and do not eat spicy food. Your skin is equipped with a sufficient amount of sleep in order to maintain smooth breathing at night time. Exercise to exercise on a regular basis. Maintained and cleaned regularly wash your face.

In order to acquire a comprehensive knowledge to avoid the growth of acne, you should always consult a doctor or dietitian, randomized to treatment and you will work on your health status can not be assumed. Thorough medical diagnosis to maintain a healthy diet and health in plenty of outdoor exercise additional requires.

To prevent acne better to have good knowledge about it

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