Friday, February 1, 2013

How to prevent the wrinkling

Wrinkles are very common problem in the skin care clinics everyday. Not only female, but also men are suffering. Although this is because the aging, some people have to face it earlier even if they are not such elder. This is because the other factors which contributes to the condition. These includes some causes like stress, genetic susceptibility.dietary habits, environmental Prevalent just a few years between you, the wrinkling of the skin, and you no longer accurate or you do not maintain the confidentiality of age, whether you approach the age, there are several ways to prevent or reduce wrinkles Prevent.

So without further delay Here are some of the technologies, and to reduce and prevent wrinkles, that can be applied to day-to-day is a list of useful information.
Solar Watch out! This effect, along with dozens of studies have proved that the equitable distribution It usually wrinkles on the underlying cause. It is proven that the sun is more powerful than wrinkles in your genes that make a difference will Test to compare the two brothers, dear brothers and sisters to work tend to be higher than their counter parts that you can get the wrinkles that appeared.
Seize Stop Squinting and glasses!
Facial movements such as making Home made below the surface of the skin, with the result that fatigues your facial muscles and can Rhythm will probably be wrinkled. As well as do not forget your sunglasses. It will help protect the skin around the eyes and to prevent squinting against the sun's damaging.

Quit smoking not!
This advice is not really one hundred percent proven, but cigarette smoke-year-old's skin is showing more and more research is mainly enzymes decompose the collagen and elastin to release. In addition, other tests, sisters, brother, brother / did not smoke cigarettes smoked 40% more wrinkles that had
Sunscreen anyone?
Then you've to be away from the sun ... The American Academy of Dermatology says wear sunscreen or use a face cream! Wrinkle free, but more importantly, will help to maintain a vibrant young skin that you can avoid skin cancer, as well as
Go to bed! Good body, not exceeding cortisol (hormones to kill the skin cells do not occur, see below), if you need to sleep. (Human growth hormone), HGH, and wrinkle your skin young and flexible enough body that can help to maintain sleep

Would you like to spoon?
Sleep on your back, cause I think actually can prevent wrinkles. Huh? Strange, however, the American Academy of Dermatology, applicable to the position for a few nights of sleep can cause sleep lines' that. More sleep face down in an increase in side effects, does not disappear in the water or on the surface of the skin, wrinkles into once sleep wrinkles on cheeks and chin can cause strange eyes, forehead wrinkles.
Face cream.
They work? Then you make sure that you get the correct cream to be, it is difficult to answer because ... Useless to give the impression that none of the support or temporarily not contain minerals, there has been out most of the cream. However, the collagen contains proven cream can be helpful. They are not. Because it contains collagen Collagen will want to be able to maintain our skin tight and young! The best thing about it, to help to keep our body structure of a protein natural type. Us as we grow old, we finish the cause of wrinkles, increasing collagen production to maintain that the bottom is. They skin collagen face cream produced with the help of the draw would not be effective due to this reason.

Need to look also includes Hyaluronic Acid Cream. This sounds like a scary Hyaluronic acid is probably best to keep free to keep dry skin hydrated with fresh skin and prevent wrinkles is a way. Other natural minerals can not be something that is prevalent in our skin is to protect the water, because the HA to perform this task. HA and softness of our skin softening can be increased, so we to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Finally, most of the cream contains SPF. (Such as help to fight wrinkles away 'No. 1 enemy!) That's good news

Although wrinkles are common it can be prevent and control.

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