Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to keep the nails healthy and beautiful

In the modern world skin care have a greater place. If you do not maintain it properly your personality is not well accepted in the society. It does not matter either you are a female or male. Both genders have to maintain it. Like the skin and the hair the nails also includes the skin. However most people specially the male does not consider about the nails as much as the other skin part. Another important thing about the nail is that your nail shows the health of your body

These are some tricks to keep the nails better;

1 Exfoliation removed

You can get a manicure and pedicure while we finish most of the infection as a result of the removal of the cuticle. The main purpose of the epidermis is intended to protect the inflammation and infection of the nail bed. First, the correct way, then the fingernails or toenails in warm water, soaking up the cuticles to soften cuticles to remove is to apply some cuticle lotion. Soften cuticles using a cuticle remover and push it again. Once the cuticle will be raised above the nail bed to push back is done. This means we exceed the cuticle is called. Use a nail clipper to cut excess cuticle. That does not allow a hairdresser at the salon is forced to remove cuticles, remove or drag to try and remove them and the cuticles do not. You need to perform this task, the exposed nail bed infection and inflammation in sensitive Leave After nails and cuticles soft and moisturized to cut excess cuticle, exfoliation, hand lotion lotion degree can apply.

2 Requires an expression

A diet rich in vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus will help to prevent from dry and brittle nails. Includes foods rich in vitamin A, apricots, carrots, cheese and broccoli. Includes foods rich in calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese & almond Carrot juice rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Stop nail a small strip of skin are separated from the cuticles. hangnails protein, folic acid and vitamin C. To prevent rich foodsVery good diet supplements makes your nails healthy and strong.Example, vitamin B 12 is found in foods such as eggs, fish, liver, beef, oysters, can help prevent nails from drying, curved nails, round nails, nails dark rich diet.Because these foods are rich in essential minerals, vitamins and nail growth and overall health is full, fruit, raw vegetables, a diet rich in a very strong and healthy nails.

3 This nature maintain

I look at how well the gel, acrylics and stick feature not know, but you may not know is what they are, how badly damage your nail plate. I'm not saying I do never wear. I'm trying to say is, do not make a habit of it. One for a while is not too bad. Nature to them to maintain the best ways to keep your nails healthy. Artificial nails, nail fungal infection that can cause chemical adhesive is included.
Out through polishing nails do not. At least one full week a month so you can prevent discoloration Polish without leave.

Do not nail polish remover contain acetone or formaldehyde. It is recommended to use it acetate Remover. Wash thoroughly with soap and water to remove all traces of Poland and remove all possible to use a small Polish remover remove nail polish while nails.

4 Your nails clean and short-term storage

The 80s and early 90s, long nails can have fashion're going to change and short nails are trendy now descended. Some women, however, like their nails long and glossy Long nails and they are under a lot of dust cloaking as difficult to keep clean and are also prone to breakage. Africa, as a woman, and at one point we have some chores, no matter how subtle to be fully African women that can have long nails because I find crazy Long fingernails family or when performing a task, and demonstrate the ability to put your hands full use. Therefore, keep fingernails short and clean. It is professional and fashionable.

5 Moisturizing and hydration

A lot of water to keep hydrated and moisturized skin so you need to like your nails. So at least 1 liters water per day is very important, but the recommended quantity 2 liters or 8 glasses. Let facing, the former option is better than not taking no water to most of us, the latter can be managed.Your nails moisturized to maintain, and use these Lanolin Cuticle Cream / softener to investment and other errands, cleaning, or water every time after use. You will also need to apply any lotion or hand cream before going to bed.

Nails are the symbol of your health keep it safe.

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