Friday, February 1, 2013

Sugar and skin health

It is crystal clear that that Fat can harm our life lot. If may make us obese, increase cardio vascular diseases like MI, increase the formation of Atheroma and further more. But we still not have concern the level of sugar in our diet unless we are diabetic. Because we do not know that the sugar can harm us more than the fat. Therefore it is necessary to concern on the dietary sugar content. Because it is the number one cause for DM, atheroma, which may ultimately cause foot ulcers, eye problem.

What happen to ecxessive sugar in the body
Excessive sugar from the blood stream of our random proteins (eg, collagen) and DNA react with the sugar age the skin by phone that the glycation process occurs. Improperly protein molecules or DNA binding of sugar molecules final results of a three-or advanced glycation end products is to create Created, that are formed between the protein occurs when the age of the body chemical legs, less elastic structure or material are connected by cross-linking. Artery, the internal lining and the brain such as atherosclerosis, age-related memory loss, cataracts, and diabetic complications, such as contributing to the problem, such as the internal structure of the meaning here. In addition, however, the skin's structural proteins (collagen fibers) leading to less skin elasticity and strength and many more lines and sagging flexibility will be lost.

The era of production of glucose in the blood stream of high blood sugar glycation with greater speed interconnect, namely on the level of circulating directly proportional.

It can join with other co morbidity
Keep in mind that sugar is not the sole cause of the cross-connect to the body, other people, including smoking, UV-radiation, alcohol consumption and free radicals in the body exceeds a byproduct of the production of cross-links that are powerful inducers skin aging. The combination of one of these factors, including the high-sugar diet will definitely increase the risk.

So, in order to minimize cross-connect and the effects on your skin, you can do? The easiest way is to avoid the triggers:

    Zinc oxide, or a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide to protect against UV damage.
    Avoid smoking
    Reduce the consumption of alcohol
    Such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and antioxidant-rich foods to maintain antioxidant defenses against free radical production increases following colors.
    Cane sugar, corn syrup, and starch-rich foods, including all forms of refined sugar intake. Package cereals, sugar, soft drinks and lollies all the rich and the poor, nutrients are also anti-ideal can be.
    Paste nutrition that carnosine has been shown to inhibit protein and DNA cross-linking induced by glucose in
    Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Unlike water-soluble materials, it can effectively penetrate the skin, is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can Protect skin cells from free radical damage, antioxidant effects and can reduce inflammation, a major factor in skin aging.

At last
Key messages just when sugar consumption is to cut or reduce consumption. Just cut sugar completely, but it may be hard, homemade muesli, fresh fruit flavors of lime and lollies exchange package for soft drinks, flavored mineral water for cereal, try. Body and skin will love you.

If you want to prevent your skin being damaged you have to concern on the dietary sugar level too

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