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Involvement of domestic animal in Ring warm inflection

Ringworm, Tinea infections exists whenever human skin can be seen in the red, circular lesions name creation. However, due to infection, and the presence of infection have typically given rise and the round shape of the worm, and the name of no importance.

Transmission of the ring warm inflection
Infected individuals from skin-to-skin contact with the ringworm fungus is easily spread. And it's other people in this same pets or livestock from catching ringworm infections like simple. Of the skin, hair and nails, fungal infections, "Dermatophytosis" is the medical term for These substances three fungal agent and food will be needed in order to survive living tissue. Some dermatophytes, particularly stubborn form can live in the soil, but some of that attack humans and other perfectly suited to life in the animal consists of.

Involvement of the animals
Tinea infections found in animals, but also because fur and / or to detect all of the hair is much more difficult. Animals infected with ringworm because infected animals can also spread to animals in the animal and human "zoonotic diseases" is considered, but not known if human pet ringworm spread the infection., As mentioned above, and infected areas of the body by contact with infected animals and is spread by contact to move an object along the bed, brush, beauty equipment, saddles, leather straps, furniture, rugs, or toys, etc. are included here.

However, it is important to know that not all infected animals can spread the infection if it is not made contact with humans, Fungal infection is very contagious and can be considered so that the agent must be alive and thriving. Infection subside when you start, you will be much less likely to be spread through casual contact.

Risk groups for disease
Configure the categories of individuals at the highest risk of people with compromised immune systems, the elderly and the young kids. Just nail fungal infections, infected with a weak immune system, the easier way is to entrench find favorite To do everything within your power is all the more reason to strengthen the immune system through proper diet and good hygiene habits.

Classic lesions of ringworm in animals usually scaliness of patchy hair loss and with minimal inflammation of the energy region. However, infection of human skin to know what you think, unlike animals, continuous wave point typically itching does not. This means that they typically because many humans of course because it does not stimulate knew the difficulty of pet ringworm infection will be added.

Diagnosis of ring warm of animal origin
Ringworm by performing diagnostic growth media (culture tubes) Please add material a little bit of hair and skin, and it reported that the growth of the fungal culture. Unfortunately, most people and can be performed in your own home, getting the results often take up to two weeks test does not.

"A fast wood lamp test", "test 'in the office This affected area is a yellow-green fluorescence is performed using ultraviolet light in a dark room in order to make sure that some dandruff and hair. but because of all fungal agents fluorescence However, this test is not always reliable that the best way to test is performed by a licensed veterinarian, the whole fungal culture very reason.

The most effective ringworm treatment forms (typically entrench deep infection) is not provided with an anti-fungal characteristics creams or lotions. In most cases, a trusted subject of infection is sufficient to remove the cream. Shave the hair around the infected area to entrench infection, your veterinarian is added to the topical treatment, oral anti-fungal medications may be prescribed.

Finally, here spread from pets to humans in case you tip a few infections, ringworm infection will develop

- Pets limited room contamination. Pet Grooming less likely to spread infection that can be a small place.
-Pets often inside the briefcase and immediately following the visit to take care to dispose of the vacuum. Sector
- Wash all pet bedding and toys that you use on a regular basis. Can be considered the cheapest of something, if you turn out to
- Wash the high contact area and apply the surface treatment of ringworm reputation.

Normally rig warm inflection spread human to human. But it can be a zoonotic in origin and cause inflammatory type of disease. Therefore protect your children from pets with ring warm inflection.

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