Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inappropriate patients for cosmatic surgeries

Cosmetic surgery are one of the common procedure in modern world. Now a days most people are happy to face them.The American Society of Plastic Surgery specialist has released a list of the types of patients who are suitable for cosmetic surgery should be considered as a candidate. Is it part of the definition of this category, but can be a wide range to evaluate applicants for cosmetic surgery, they are guidelines. Patients fall into one of these categories, you decide to undergo plastic surgery, if they can not.

Patients in crisis
 For example, one spouse's death or dissolution of marriage, love, or dismissal of current psychological or emotional ordeal of going through the patient. Otherwise, the people that should be considered before surgery as a valid applicant individual patient crisis must be resolved, and the patient is disappointed, and know they have received cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons.

Mental disease patients
Automatically a candidate for plastic surgery, except for one, but not from their mental disorders that are not related to the goal you want to achieve through surgery patients it is important to have a history of mental illness or mental bottles, Plastic surgeon will be performing the surgery for their surgery entails can do enough to recognize and to make sure that, in some cases, you may need to work very closely with the patient's psychiatrist to

Patients who can not please
 Any other plastic surgery, some cosmetic surgery, they want to hear to them in the search for the surgeon can see dozens Basic psychological problems, these patients may be, in both their physical appearance can not go problem.

Patient obsessed with minor physical defects
This defect only are aware specially to solve the problems of the patients to distinguish. If the defect fixes by category patients who develop suddenly in his life would be perfect illusion. That are not realistic in their expectations of the patient in this case is not, is an inappropriate candidate for plastic surgery.

Those What will be the impact, it's what you want to do, and potential complications can occur What: Surgery for the right candidate to be considered, the patient must have a good understanding of the procedure. If, for one reason or another, can not understand these things, they should not be considered as valid applicants for cosmetic surgery patients.

These are safety precautions for both patents and doctor ,use these properly.  

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